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3 month scans


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Living on the short leash.

Is it just me that get's unsettled when the scan time comes along again? I know it isn't. I always say it feels like another round of Russian roulette. A game I do not like to play. I worry mostly about my kids. Even though they are all in their 20's. Do all of us get a little depressed the days before the pet scan? I am almost always positive about it all because I trust in God but I know that sometimes that means not getting the answer we pray for. So I get a little edgy and down. Everyone is good to me though and allows me space to deal with it but stays close enough to help me deal with it. I am blessed. But my scan is tomorrow and I have been feeling dragged out and tired so I am a little nervous this time. Just wanted to say that to someone who I know understands what I mean. Thanks.

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OH my no! You are NOT alone. I have equated this disease like a rollercoaster ride. We were strapped in, without our willingness to be on the ride, and we can never get the seatbelt off. It is a terrible feeling, but being here on the site helps me to see the hope, the possibilities, and the peace that IS possible.

We are thinking about you.

God bless,


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I guess you have not been on this board long enough to know what you are feeling is very normal.

Life just keeps going on and we keep doing our everyday things, then all of a sudden it is test time. :shock: All worry breaks loose.

I am sure yours will be fine.

Thinking of you and wishing you luck.

Maryanne :wink:

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We've ALL been there! I laugh at my Gemini personality about this issue. When anyone else posts over scan stress, I give the old, "Don't worry...blah, blah, blah." When my mom has her scans and I have to wait for the results...I'm crazy!

But, we come here and lean on each other. Mom's scans are a week away....I'll let you support me then. :wink:

:) Kelly

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