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My Buddy's under the weather


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The chemo treatment of Taxotere is really taking its toll on Buddy. He started feeling bad this past Friday and still feels under the weather today. I am sure it must be the chemo.

He was doing so well (as well as one can under the circumstances) one wonders if these treatments are worth it. I am sure they are for he is here with me after one year and to me that is a miracle in itself.

I sure hate to see him down, maybe tomorrow will be better. He gets a scan on Wednesday to see how the liver is doing with the treatments. Sure hope it is working....pray pray pray....

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I'm sorry that Buddy isn't feeling well but I'm sure he will rally round soon.

Will be thinking of you guys on Wednesday and look forward to your post on the results!


47 years old

Stage 1A-nsclc

Surgery June 16, 2003 - upper & mid lobe removed

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Thanks everyone.

Am making homemade vegetable beef and chicken noodle soups today because this is what got him eating the last time plus it has all those good veges in them. I put broccoli heads and carrots in the chicken noodle which is also a good cancer killer. I put everything one can think of in the vege soup. Hopefully this will make him better real quick.

Hope everyone is feeling good today....love

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Hey Norme,

Oh Norme, I am sooooo sorry to hear our Buddy isn't feeling up to par! But, with all the AWESOME soup your making for him, I think he will be on the mend sooner then he knows! So, what time is SOUP ON???? I LOVE SOUP!! :wink:

Buddy is in my prayers and I'm sending you and Buddy a warm and gentle Hug! On ward and Up ward. Stay Strong Buddy, it's worth the fight! This to shall pass my dear!

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