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Update on Mom


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Saw onc today. They highly recommend the Talc (Pleurodesis)procedure. Because her effusion has come back so quickly (within a week), they want to seal the lung lining before starting Chemo. The reasoning is that if she needs to be tapped during Chemo, the invasive procedure is more likely to cause infection which is a problem during Chemo. Chemo would have to stop, etc... They want to treat her aggressively with Carbon and Gemzar (spelling?) to start. My mom is leaning towards the Talc first, since it appears massive fluid continues to accumulate. This is a very hard decision, that has to be made by this Thursday. But I think she will go for the procedure. This sucks!

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I know that some people here have had the talc procedure and I am sure they will come along and have more input.

Good thoughts and lots of prayers for your mom..you are right..THIS DOES SUCK but we are here for one another and that is a blessing.

Please keep us updated and take care of yourself as well.


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When I went into the local hospital they wanted to do this for me and we decided to go to a bigger hospital (Baptist in Winston-Salem, NC) and they never did the procedure. I only had one thorocentesis though removing 1100 cc of fluid the day I was put in the hospital initially. Are you at a larger hospital? I am glad I got a second opinion.


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Hi. I have become somewaht of a lurker again as I just don't have time to post..

My mom did have a pleurodesis via chest tube procedure not a VATS procedure.She had 3 effussions all within a week of each other so they did the procedure and that ended that problem This was back on July 2004.

She did find it to be very painful said she would rather give birth again to 4 kids then do another chest tube pleurodesis.We arrived right after it was done and she looked awful but the good news was that it worked and she started chemo without any problems.And the pain was only for a brief time of a few hours so it was intense but brief.

Be prepaired alot of things involved in treatment suck! Good Luck and God bless you, JanMarie

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Just sending prayers and good wishes that this works for her.

Please keep us posted. Your mom seems like quite a fighter and that is half the battle there. Just be right by her side. She will get through this.

We are always here for you. I am sure you will hear from more people who have had that procedure.

Good luck!! We will be pushing for her.

Maryanne :wink:

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What a trooper my mom is. She was cracking jokes when the chest tube was going in. She called me at 0700 this morning to report "Nurses said no fluid for the entire night shift." Mom received the Talc this afternoon....no pain. My beautiful friends painted her house this weekend while my girlfriends and I went into operation "FAT PAT"---feeding her all she would eat. Professional housekeeping and carpets cleaning in the AM. Preparing for her to come home to a healthy environment. Her wedding anniversay is Monday. Her husband got her an IPOD, my husband put 565 songs on it and I downloaded pictures---she loves it. She loves music and I know it will help her through some of this hospital stay. The best part of the weekend is my mom felt sooo loved. Found blessings in cancer for the first time this weekend. Candy

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