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Update on Mom


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Well, I suppose it's time for an update again. :shock: It's been a while!

Mom is due to graduate from THIS round of radiation on the 31st...yup, halloween. Typical! LOL

She's feeling pretty good most days, actually, and more active than she's been in a long time. She surprised us with a drive down here with my wonderful sf a week ago and took my sister and our daughters to a halloween "thing" at the zoo. She even got down on my floor and scared my daughter while she was here!!

She's still having some major swelling in her right leg now, instead of her left. Clot? Who knows anymore! LOL :roll: We just go with what we're given, I guess, and right now is going pretty well.

I find myself focusing on the good times so much more easily now than I've done before. I guess that's all part of it having been part of our lives for the past 17 months. But it sure feels good to not be stressed constantly by the thought of "lung cancer".

I'm so proud of Mom. She's showing us every day what it really means to not only "survive"...but to enjoy her life.

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Youm mom is a very courageous woman, you must be so proud of her!! And I am sure she appreciates all your support. You are a wonderful daughter.

Enjoy all your times together as they are PRICELESS!!

Maryanne :wink:

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Yes, indeed. Your mom is one amazing woman. I hope her Docs realize it as much as we do and continue to help her as things arise.

Your post gave me chills, reminding me so much of my mom and I trying to focus on the good. It means everything to me now. Playing on th floor with the kids-I think that is huge. How incredible and wonderful. Lots and lots of love and kisses coming your way. Give your mom a big hug from me!!!

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