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Introducing Myself


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(sorry if you get this twice....) don't know how to operate board yet..

Hi All,

This is my first time on this message board. My husband was diagnosed with IV NSC Lung Cancer in August 05. Am having a little trouble figuring out how this board works. Don't know how to get/read replies.

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Hi. Welcome!

Here is a reply :) You should see it right underneath your original post. Let us know if you have questions on how to work the website, it is easy once you get the hang of it. You will find lots of wonderful support here.

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Welcome Barb, so sorry you had to find us, but so glad you did as we are a very supportive, informative great family here.

If you have questions ask away as you will get many replies from people with experience.

I am so sorry to hear about your husband. Please know that LC is not a death sentence. Do NOT listen to stastictis. There are so many people on here who were diagnoised with stage 4 and was given a very short time and years later they are still here and doing fine.

There are so many treatments out there, much more than they had years ago when LC was a death sentence.

Please when you have a chance put a profile (go under my profile) and type in the information about your husband staging etc as you see on the bottom of other people post. That way we can understand what kind of LC he has and what he is getting for treaments.

Take care, hang in there. We have all walked in your shoes and we know how scared you are.

We are always here for you.


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Hello Barb and welcome

I am sorry you had need to find a site like this, but glad you found us here.

Please let us know how we can help you. There are a lot of wonderful people here who are more than willing to answer questions, give advice and just be supportive.

Best to you,


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