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The clock is ticking ...


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Wednesday is the day guys. I know I haven't been around, and while I feel bad about this, I also think it is such a good thing that I have been able to give cancer the heave-ho!

However, as Wednesday nears, I start to get more and more worried. Please reassure me!!!!

Dad has been feeling great. He has more energy, a better attitude, and in general is just "better." He does have a back ache (ironic because you all said I should tell the doc he has one so that he can get a body scan) but firmly believes he pulled a muscle while lifting a table the other day. It came on quickly and isn't an isolated spot, so I think he is probably right. But still...the worries set in.

Anyway, the day is nearing and I am starting to get nervous, nervous, nervous. I bought a rock for my pocket the other day that says, "Let go and let God," but goodness that is hard to do!

God bless,


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