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A Daughter's Gift

Don Wood

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Well, am I a lucky guy or what? My daughter called me a week ago and asked me if I had plans for this Sunday afternoon. I said I didn't. She said, "Well, now you do! My Christmas present to you is to take you on a surprise for the afternoon." Well, I was thrilled that we would be doing something together and pleased that she was getting into the Christmas spirit with her gift. And I was going to get a surprise!

Well, she took me downtown to a Christmas concert by the Trans-Siberian Orchestra! The music was fantastic (a blend of orchestra and rock and roll) and the light show was fantastic as well. We both had a good time. And then I treated her to dinner on the way home. It HAS been a good day. Am I blessed or what? Don

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Don, you absolutely are a blessed man. I am so pleased you enjoyed your surprise. How wonderful that you and your daughter have caught a bit of the Christmas spirit in light of the circumstandes. May your blessings continue to multiply as Christmas approaches.



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Yes, Don, you are very blessed and we are likewise blessed to have you here with us. What a wonderful gift your daughter gave you. There is no gift quite as special for a parent as spending time with their children. You know, I'll just bet Lucie was there with the two of you, enjoying the music and beautiful lights!

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You sure are a lucky guy, but I bet your daughter feels equally as lucky to have a great dad like you!

What a great surprise that must have been for you. I am so glad the two of you had a wonderful afternoon together.

Don, you are blessed, but I think so many have been blessed to know you. I hope your holidays are filled with wonderful family memories.


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Don, thank you so much for continuing to post, You are deeply appreciated and I think of you and Lucy as an example to fight this disease. Trans Siberian music CDs are one of our favorite Christmas presentations. Your daughter is a sweetie. continuing in prayer for you. pammie

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