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Thank you all,

I made it through chemo yesterday..It was tougher than before, I felt beat last night and also again today..I'm trying to do some work from home but very lightly. I took the kids to my mom's so I can rest. Thought I would tell everyone it is my 41st Birthday today. Never thought I would be excited about a birthday but I am. Birthdays have a whole new meaning to me.


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I know just what you mean about birthday's having a different meaning to them after being dx.d with lung cancer. I love every birthday I have! :D They are the GREATEST!

I never thought in a million years I would have seen 44 let alone 54!!! :wink: My wish for you will be, you follow in my footsteps on being a long lc survivor and being here to see 54 also. I don't ask but for one more year after each birthday, because as they say, "It's for the needy not the greedy" So I ask for one year at a time rather then 5 or 10 years at a time. :wink:

How you feel better real soon. It's so nice that your mom takes the kids when your in need. If I lived closer I would take your kids too! Love those little kiddo's! They make our hearts go pitter patter. :D

Get better soon!

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