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Ginny D


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Thanks for asking Pat. Yep I am here, mostly as a reader. I care too much for you guys to disappear. I don't have really much to offer any more. Age and time has dimmed the memories of Earl's treatments and reactions to them.

As you can attest, your life changes forever when your spouse dies. It is almost 2 1/2 years and to steal your expression, I still miss him like fire.

I am busy, very busy, too busy. I just said to a good friend this morning that I hate being alone and have not yet adjusted to it. So busy I shall remain, woman's club, book club, 6 different groups that I do dinner with once a month, part time job, anything to not have to be home alone.

I ache daily for the people that are going through this journey, it is not an easy one. I had lost my Father, Mother and only 2 siblings before Earl died, but nothing prepared me for his dying. I looked at Betty Ford and thought her life will never be the same.

But all this being said, I am happily living my life. I am blessed with loving children, adorable (and beautiful, smart, funny (a meme's perogative)) grandchildren and a boatload of funny, smart and attentive friends.

I despise that we still get new members here but I despise even more that we lose friends here. I still champion the lc cause at every opportunity. I beat down the 'they deserve it' scenario all the time.

So, this is a very wordy thank you for asking. I think it is important for you and me and Tina, and Glo, and Lynne and Peggy and Don and Randy and so many others to remain here so that we do not lose the memory of this purpose.

Love to you Pat.

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Good to hear that you are staying busy and still present with us. I miss your posts but understand the need for busy. Know that I think of you and other caregivers here often and pray that you are living life to its fullest. I agree, Duke would be proud.


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So well said Ginny.....and leave it to our lovely Pat to be worrying about someone else in the midst of her own pain.....

I, too, am mostly a reader and not a poster these days. I still cry and cheer for all of you here. I will always engage in a conversation to promote awareness that no one 'deserved' to get lung cancer or to die from lung cancer, when the opportunity arises.

You are wonderful people......



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Thank you for the update, Ginny.

so many are so important to me.



Me, too, Pat, and you are one of my "many".

I enjoyed reading your post so much, Ginny. I, too, have become a reader and not even every day anymore. But you know, I believe that once we share this walk with others, we all become "one". We are all different, our walks are different, and the end results are different, but "one" we are, and "one" we will remain.



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