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At 7pm tonight, I will have made 10 days without smoking. I am so proud of myself. This is the first time I ever tried to quit..and it really hasn't been as bad as I thought it would be. Don't get me wrong..it has its moments..but it is certainly do-able.

Has anyone else ever used the Patch? It seems to be working very well..but boy..the dreams I am having! Anyone else have vivid dreams on the patch? I may just stay on it forever.

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They are insane! I told some of my co-workers about them and several of them are going to get the patch today..just for the dreams. (ha-ha) I think I will have to start taking it off at night too..the only thing I worry about is the craving for one in the morning. It is really tough with traffic down here since "KATRINA"..soooo, in order to keep my Road Rage down, I think it might be best, for a while anyway, if I make sure I have some nicotine in my system.

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Good for you! Ten days is great! Keep up the good work. It might help to start thinking of a reward for yourself using the money you would have spent on cigarettes. John bought himself a boat (used) with all the money he would have spent on cigarettes.

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I quit smoking in 1984. I had to try several times. As I recall, if you make it past 10 days, the worst is over. I had dreams and occasionally still do that I started smoking again and then I wake up and realize it is a dream. Keep it up...go forth and don't smoke.

Don M

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Bobby congrats on your 10 days, you are definetely on your way.

My hubby used the patch and he did have wild dreams, but not enough to not wear it at bedtime. He enjoyed the dreams.

I am proud of you. Keep it up...


Maryanne :wink:

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In Sherbrooke we have two hospitals

that gave the PATCH to all the employees

so they could quit smoking before the

winter (interdiction to smoke in the

hospital since May30th 2006)and they

are all doing well.

The dreams must be the reason of all

the smiles we got from the staff when

we went it.........make for good side

bed conversations.

Keep it up.


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