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Not sure what to think.


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I just talked to my mom and asked her when they would have the results of her PET scan on Monday. I was already nervous about it but feeling like things would be looking pretty good since she "seems" to be feeling better. She hasn't needed oxygen for about a month and has been working full time. She was Diagnosed stage IV nsclc on Dec. 5th. I told her I had a good feeling about the scan and she then told me she doens't think it will be much better. She said she still has irritation in her chest when she takes a deep breath. Maybe she just seems better because the plueral effusion is resolving? I am just so scared. Has anyone else ever felt like their scan wasn't going to come back so good only to find it was better than they were expecting? Looking for hope.

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THINK POSITIVE!!!!!!!!!!! That is half the battle. I know it is easy to say and HARD to do that. We had the scan jitters EVERY time one was done. And that was often over a 3 year span. Sending Prayers for good news and strength for better days.

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Me too. I'm always convinced deep down that scans will be bad. Especially right after my radiation treatments because the radiation made my lungs feel scratchy inside. Xanex is good.

Sometimes I try visualizing myself in doc's office and hearing him say that the results are very good. I try to focus on what it would feel like inside to hear such good news.

I try to experience what it would feel like to walk outside the doctor building and take a big breath of fresh air - and just releasing all my worries with the exhale. How I'd skip across the parking lot and punch the air when I get into the car. Yippee!!!Good scans. Let's go shopping. :D

Anyway I try to "live" these moments in my mind when I get anxious over tests. There is something to be said for positive thinking and the placebo effect.

I hope your Mom's scans are good. It is natural for her to be anxious and a little "owly" before scans.


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Yes I am always nervous about the ct/pet scans. Mine is coming up on Monday. Stay positive, I know is hard, but visualizing good results is a good thing to do. I try to do that, sometimes is hard though. Monday I am going to have a ct/pet scan and it is going to be good news. :) When the dr tells me the results, like last time, lymph node were dimmer, didn't spread any where else, still had fluid, that was great news to me, so this time will be great news too.

I hope your Mom has great results also!

Everything is going to be ok!

Debra A.

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