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Hello all! My name is Jen & I'm new to this site. I've been on another site (LC Alliance)for support the past year since my 53 y/o mom was dx Feb' of 2006 of stage IIIB NSCLC. I've met so many wonderful ppl on that site & I'm so grateful for their continuous support throughout the whole time especially the beginning when I was so lost. I hope to find that same support here & look forward to meeting all the great ppl here as well. I will have my mom's info/treatment status profile up shortly. To make my introduction a bit shorter, will give recap.

02/06' - Found large mass on right lung.

Mom dx 3B NSCLC (inoperable)with few lymph

nodes also affected.

03/06' - Daily (M-F) radiation for 7 weeks along with

Chemo (Taxol/carbo) for 16 weeks

08/06' - After treatment (shrinkage of tumor, mom

was stage to 3A) & fortunate to be able to

have surgery - Pneumonectomy of right lung.

04/07' - Mom has been NED ever since surgery & still

taking 150mg Tarceva daily.

Altho mom still feels terrible pains from the surgery & still adjusting to living with one lung, she is an amazing fighter & doing her very best to get well & stay well. I pray that she will stay NED & pray for all of you here.


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Hi Jen ... although their ages and treatment paths have been different, my mom was diagnosed in May of last year with Stage IIIB adenocarcinoma; I guess you can see her story on my profile below.

Welcome to this site; I just found it myself recently and was on another one before that (maybe the same one you were on). But they moved their site and somehow I lost them!

Everyone here is great.

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Welcome Jen! I joined the site in January and have found so much hope, support and genuine caring from everyone here. I know I couldn't get through this with mom without all the help I find here. My mom is receiving treatment in Upstate NY, but I am out in Reno, so it's been pretty difficult to not be able to be there. Everyone here is so good about answering all my questions. I wish all the best to your mom. It seems like she has a great daughter. Shelley

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Welcome to our wonderful community of compassionate, loving and understanding people. It is such a tough road to have to travel but knowing others that can answer questions or relate does ease the fear of the journey.

I am happy to read that your mother is doing well.


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Hi, Jen, and welcome to the LCSC! I too migrated from another site. While the content there was good and the people were helpful (a number of them are here too), the mechanics of how the site was put together simply didn't match up to the near-real-time responsiveness of lchelp.org. The LCSC "profile" feature is especially useful.

It's really great that your mom has done so well. She'll be an inspiration to others who come here thinking Stage IIIB is close to hopeless. How times have changed! When you do the profile, try to give some details about the post-surgery pain your mom is having (where, when, etc.), also her difficulties adjusting to life with one lung. There are plenty of folks here who have "been there, done that" and they'll probably have some good tips to offer.

Best wishes and Aloha,


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Hi Jen, I speak with an east coast accent, does that count?

I started with chemo and radiation then like your Mom was able to have surgery. I have celebrated 9 plus years of survival and am still NED ( no evidence of disease) Please keep us posted.

Donna G

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