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I just found this site and the forum. It looks like a wealth of information. I am sorting it out but am grateful for a site with so much information and experience. I will need it. I was Dx with NSCLC in October of 2006. I will post all the details in my profile shorty but thanks for being there all of you.

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Hi Jim and welcome. There is a wealth of information here along with tremendous support and compassion. Complete your profile when you can, it will help us all better get to know you & answer your questions. Welcome again. Good Luck & God Bless


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Welcome Jim,

I'm fairly new here too. My dad was recently diagnosed with NSCLC as well. I have found it comforting to read through the posts here - there are a lot of caring people who go above and beyond to help those of us who are new to this awful experience.

Wishing the best for you.

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Hey, Jimbo, Howzit!! I was wondering when somebody else from Hawaii was going to show up here. We do have a reputation as one of the healthier states, but...

Our profiles have some similarities but also some differences, as you can see. From your message I gather you're on one of the neighbor islands? I live in Central Oahu, just under 20 miles from Honolulu, but it does seem like a different world down there. I've had most of my tests and the one hospitalization at Pali Momi, next to the Pearlridge Center, and my oncologist's clinic is in the Bank of Hawaii building next to Pearlridge.

Boy, I know what you mean about the peripheral neuropathy -- that hit me rather suddenly at the beginning of my 6th taxol/carbo/avastin cycle, not in the hands so much but definitely in the feet. My wife dug up an old walker that her father had used years ago, and that's the way I got around for a while -- tried to swing through the air and avoid touching the floor as much as possible. I tracked down my onc at his Queens office and he called in a prescription for Neurontin, which did the trick within a couple of days even at minimum dosage (one 100 mg capsule a day), much to my relief and amazement. Now I just get a tinge of it in the evening, when it's been almost 24 hours since the last capsule. When I see him next week I might ask about adding one during the daytime as well.

Send me a PM if you like. Welcome to the LCSC and Aloha,


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