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Great Oncology Appt Today

Guest DaveG

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In addition to my oncology appointment today I had a swollow test. I had been experiencing problems with food or drink coming right back up on me. The swollow test showed that all is well - no tumors or malformations in my esophogus. I was positioned in a way where I was able to see everything happening on the monitor and the radiologist was very informative and pointed out different anatomical features for me and explained quite well what was going on. The bottom line is that they think I am eating or drinking too fast - this is possible.

My oncology appointmtent was pretty cut and dry. She asked how I am doing and I told her "Quite well, thank you." She was elated over that. We discussed some little aches, pains, and concerns, for which she said we need to be aware and watch them. I really didn't have much to tell her as, right now, I am doing pretty good. So, all in all, it was a good appointment and she was happy that I am doing ok.

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