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Two years for me too.....


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Hi All,

Haven't been here for a while but have to let everyone know that I had my two year cat and everything is fine. Life is great and I cannot believe it has been two years. Time flies when your having fun and I am having a lot of fun these days.

Just to let everyone know.....never give up there is always hope. I do not post much but I do read the posts and pray for all of you out there with this dreadful disease.

Kasey if you see this.......How are you and Fred doing?

Well I hope. I think about you often.

Bill in PA

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Hey there, you STRANGER you!!!!! You KNOW Fred and I are overjoyed to hear you're doing well. You are probably out there living life large, aren't you? I never need much reason to celebrate life, but it's always great to have a good one!

Fred and I are cruisin' along. How's Char doing? I bet you're taking lots of trips, aren't you? Any planned down this way?

Remember 2 years ago? Boy....you've come a long way, baby!!!! Good for you!

Many hugs and congrats,

Kasey (Fred too)

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My G-d Bill I can't believe its been two years. I see that Jang posted too.

I remember like it was yesterday when you guys both had your operations, and here it is two years later.

A BIG CONGRATS!!! to you.

How ironic that Jang posted right after you. :shock::D

Maryanne :wink:

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