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a sign from Mom


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Since my Mom has passed in September there have been so many times that when I go under street lights they go out. My children both can tell you that it has happened so many times we've lost count. I have told everyone that I am convinced this is how my Mom is letting me know she is still "here."

(My boyfriend seems to think I'm a little crazy because I call him when it happens)

My nieces graduation was last Saturday. I was sitting in the auditorium and was thinking to myself that I knew Mom was there with us and wondering if she could show me a sign. At the exact same time my cell phone rang. Normally I have it attached to my purse and I would have not heard it vibrate.

But, my son had it in his pocket. He answered and told me it was my boyfriend and he wanted me to call him back as soon as possible. I knew it must be something important because he knew we were at the ceremony.

I called him back and he told me that the power had been knocked out at home. He knew it had something to do with Mom. I hadn't even told him how at that same time I was asking her to show me a sign. And this was coming from the same person that had thought I was crazy when I told him about all the street lights.

He is completely convinced now that she is still here with us and I was just so happy that the sign she gave me came at the perfect time. I know in my heart she was there with us at the graduation....that gives me such comfort. I just HAD to share it with you guys!!

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That's wonderful! It's such a blessing to get a sign. When I was joking with an acquaintance once about my mother's spirit being in the house, the lamp next to us started flickering on and off.

Take care,


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It was so lovely to read your mail, about your mum.

I have asked my Dad for signs, and things happen that I know that he is with me. It's such a lovely feeling, you almost think it is wrong to feel happy about the signs. It makes me very happy,and I just think he has just nipped into the next room.

We are going to a Hospice service, in one of our local churches, on Saturday afternoon, to remember all the loved ones who have left us in the last few months. Not sure how all the family will feel, but we wanted to go, to share with other people, who understand what it feels like to have lost a loved one.

Take care. Sonia UK xx

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I get the warm tingley feeling all up and down my body. I know my hubby is still with us. I love signs...I am just now getting to the place where I can want them though...before it was too hard to think about. I hope for many, many more.

Thanks for sharing. It always helps to not think I am the only one.


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Signs like that are important they make us feel comfort at times when we least expect it. I hav e2 signs. 1 is every once and a while with a Honey Bunny, that runs my neighborhood. THe other is more yearly. That would be the hummingbirds returning yearly. Saw the hummingbird and been a month since Honey Bunny. Life is good right now. It makes us feel better mentally and that is the important thing in our troubled times. Prayers and Hugs.

P.S. There is a thread about signs that others have experienced before if you are curious.

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I totally believe it too!!!!

The first time it happened to me I was sitting on the sofa, my cat upstairs, no windows open. The rocking chair that Joe used to sit in started to move, like someone got up out of it. He also rings my doorbell alot. Just the other day I was talking to his cat, which I have custody of now, and said that he would be so proud to see what a wonderfully well behaved cat she has become....and the doorbell rang.....no one there. His birthday was April 6th and I was at a party, bought a raffle ticket, which was number 6 and I won. And Sunday I was driving through town thinking about him and his car, which has been taken over by his ex mother in law, pulls up next to me. I started to SOB! I totally believe they are with us in some way shape or form!

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I have been reading alot in the past few weeks about After Death Communication. I guess it is one of the things that is helping me cope. I like hearing stories like yours because it just reaffirms that there is life after death and that our loved ones are still with us in spirit!


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