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I have been reading everything for about two weeks and I decided it was time to sign up!

A little about us. My mom was diagnosed with Stage IV LC at the beginning June. She's 55, a non-smoker, and in great health, so this caught the whole family off guard. I am so thankful now that I decided to change careers and go back to school (again) because now I get the summer off and I get to spend every single day, all day with my mom.

I'm excited to join this community because everyone seems to be so supportive and encouraging. :)

So, Howdy! Nice to meet everyone!

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Hello and Welcome

I am sorry you and your Mom have any reason to find a site such as this one, but I am very glad you have joined us.

It sounds like your Mom is very lucky to have you there with her for the summer! What a wonderful gift for you both. Please let us know how we can help you out and know that there is always someone here that can offer you advice, information, hope and even just listen if you need someone.

Best to you and Mom


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Hi, and welcome to the LCSC! The fact that your mom is in good health (except for the cancer) will be a big plus as she begins treatment. Those who are able to tolerate the chemo (and radiation if applicable) without requiring a treatment break to recover from infection, dehydration, and a host of other potential problems seem to have the best chance for a successful outcome.

Another factor is attitude and expectations. I believe you're okay there too and I hope your mom has a similar outlook. I don't sense any panic or despair, just mainly shock, which is certainly understandable and which the majority of us also experienced at the beginning. Some years ago a NSCLC Stage IV diagnosis was practically a death sentence, but in 2007 it no longer is -- many new treatments are available, and others are in the pipeline. If the first chemo combination doesn't work or stops working, there are others to bring on line.

To help us provide the most appropriate advice and information, you should start a profile of symptoms, diagnoses, treatments ongoing or planned, test results, et cetera on behalf of your mom. There are several different types of lung cancer, and the characteristics and treatment vary from one to the other. Click "My Profile" at the top, scroll down to "Signature," enter/update your information, and be sure "Always attach my signature" is marked "Yes."

Best wishes and Aloha,


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