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Hi I am new here. I am 42 and was diagnosed with stage four NSCLC in Nov of 06. I could not have surgery my cancer had spread to my liver and lymph nodes were involved. After four rounds of treatment, (Taxol, Avastin, and Carbo) My Pet scan came back clean. I then had another six rounds of treatment another scan and still clean. I currently take Avastin every three weeks as a maintance.

I am always looking for new sites and advice. I love talking to other survivors. When this first started I didn't think there was such a thing. But as I search for answers I find people have lived with this devil for years.

I look forward to meeting more survivors. And helping others through their journey. :D

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Hello Stellyq2,

Sorry you had the need to find us, but I'm glad you did. You'll find a lot of support and great friendships here. Some of us have been together here a very long time. :wink:

I would like to ask you if you would take a minute or two and click on above where it says,"PROFILE" Fill that out the best you can give us as much info as you can and want too, and that helps US to better help YOU!

Your cancer almost sounds like Small Cell they way it has reacted to the chemo, but I'm sure glad to hear your treatments are working so WELL for you! Way to GO!

I hope your stay with us and allow us to walk the walk with you.

Best Wishes,


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Welcome here Stelly,

It is great to have you join us. You will find us to be the most caring people. We are like family here.

We are very knowledgeable, supportive, send prayers and you can always vent here.

Congrats!! on being a survivor. That is wonderful news. We certainly can use your input and support to help those in need. It is so encouraging to our new comers who are so scared that there are so many on here that are survivors and the LC is NOT a death sentence.

I am so glad you have joined us!:D

Maryanne :wink:

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Welcome Stelly,

Many here are surviving and thriving with this evil thing known as lc!!!! Glad you are here with us for support and friendship. Soon you will be a full fledged one year survivor and we will be anxious to celebrate that very big milestone with you.

As Connie pointed out about the Profile....we all have them under our names......that will really help us be of more help to you!!!! Keep posting!


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Welcome to the LCSC!

Wow, you had 10 cycles of Taxol/Carbo? Most people can't tolerate more than about 6 before the cumulative toxic effects start to outweigh any remaining benefits of the chemo. It's great that you were able to handle it for so long. I had 6 cycles of Taxol/Carbo/Avastin and have been on Avastin alone for maintenance since February.

Your example will give a lot of encouragement to the "newly diagnosed" folks who show up here almost every day. Best wishes and Aloha,


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Thanks all for the BIG welcome I can see thru your post that I all ready have a wonderful inspirational group of people here. Look forward to sharing with everyone. Went to onc today for Avastin, slept most of the day away from the benadryl, feel good will do scans after next round of Avastin. Time for scanxiety. Yikes.... Well bye for now and thanks again.


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