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Getting to Know You - August 8


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I would definitely rather cook than clean up. When I cook, I'm one of those people that somehow manages to get almost everything in the kitchen dirty. So, I hate to clean up, especially after I'm the one that's done the cooking...lol!!!


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don't know how you do it but your

questions always bring back memories

of Mike.

Loved to cook but Mike did all

the cleaning after, he also cleaned his

plate at each meal........

After we moved for Mike's treatments

we ate out for lunch but for supper

we found a gourmet restaurant that

prepared meals for the busy executive (!!!)

and we both enjoyed them a lot, so I still

get those meals but now I have to do

the clean up.

Just a nice walk away from where I live.

Will have to get rid of most of the cooking

pots and pans when I move.


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Boy I have done so much of both over the years. I would much rather cook especially for several people or more. As far as clean up I used to always do the dishes no matter where we ate or who cooked. I always said that was my penance for anything bad I ever did :wink:

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Us professionals we always clean as we go so I am use dto doing it all myself and it keeps one from burning pots and pans. I can cook dineer and have all pots clean before I eat.. SO it does not matter to me.

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