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Getting to Know You - August 16


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Trival Pursuit


Mexican Train Dominoes




Double deck pinochle

and any other game that is around

I love to play games!!!

Ann, my daughter goes to Atlantic City about once every 2 weeks and plays 'no limit' Texas Hold'em.

Makes me very nervous, but she wins more than loses and it is not my money.

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Ginny...How could I possibly have forgotten Mexican Train Dominoes? I absolutely love that game. We love to play that game with my DIL's mom and dad. I can play that game all night and not get tired. I also love Bunco now that I've finally learned enough about the rules of the game. I was so nervous when I first started playing Bunco. All of the gals had been playing together for years and Michelle's mom invited me to be a stand-in when it was her turn to host. So much fun now!

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Oh it's definitely Solitaire -- but with a twist. My extended family and now all of the children play Sockem' Solitaire. We cram as many people around the table as possible and play cut throat on all the aces put into the middle. First person out is the winner. It is fast, furious, and fun to see all the different styles of play. We have lofters, shoppers, etc. One must watch out for one's hands as some of the men can slam those cards down pretty hard. We've been playing this as a family since I was a young kid. My generation has now finally had to concede that our kid's are now quicker on the draw then we are. :roll:

Welthy -- who is never accused of being succinct. :oops:

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