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Paranoia at its best


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I thought I would give you your laugh for the day.

Some of you know I started back on Carboplatin and Taxol and yesterday they added Avastin. So I rechecked all the side effects of Avastin, one of them being bleeding. You can have nose bleeds etc. So when I woke up this morning to find what appeared to be dried blood on my pillow, I immediately thought that I am not going to get away with no side effects from Avastin. I jumped up and blew my nose to see if I could see any blood. There was no blood. I do think I got the ear wax out of my ears. All I could think of was when is it going to start to bleed again. After I settled down, I began to think about my tracks of the night before. I remember that I brushed my teeth, went out and had a glass of water, took my melatonin, headed back to bed. But wait, I stopped on the way. As I went passed the cupboard I reach in and sneaked a very small piece of bitter sweet dark chocolate. I then went to bed chewing on the chocolate. :roll: Light lightening coming from a nearby cloud, this thought came to me, “I bet those are chocolate stains from my guilty mouth.”

So still no side effects.

Stay positive, :)

Ernie (the chocoholic)

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