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Fred, Kasey and Teddy.........


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Wow...TGIF and Fred's Birthday...all rolled into one day! Too much excitement for most...but I'm game! So.....


Sending big birthday hugs your way!

Don't look, Kasey!!!

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Hey Hey Fred... Can't wait to see you today and give you a Toast on your special day!


This is like what your 39th??? :D

Since you are the bouncer who is going to carry you out after all those feebies? :roll:

Maryanne :wink:

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I was the unknowing victim of an identity switch at shelter. Mocha was in queenies cage with queenies paperwork. Some one saw Queenie on TV saturday morning and went to adopt her. TEHy said she had been adopted and out of the shelter she walked. The shelter called me and said we have queeie, who do you have?? so after a return trip to shelter I have mocha and some one else has queenie. We are all Happy though!!! :lol::lol: Said I was not giving Mocha Up!!!! :D:)8)

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female do not want issues with 2 alpha males in the house... Me and a Male dog. so have a bouncing Baby girl pup.. We been clearing brush and need something ICEY COLD!!!!!!!!!!!!!! THe one in the Picture is queenie Not Mocha Will up some pix today and try to change hers..

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Hey Randy..............you are one confused guy ~ or at least you have ME confused :roll::roll::roll: . I'm serving you iced tea only.....and not the alcoholic type ~ until you get us all straightened out with the dog thing..........not sure who Queenie is and who the dog in the pic is now :? .

Once you have everything cleared up.......any draft you wnat will be on the house!!!! Now Teddy will have to warm up to ANOTHER lady.....sheesh!!!!!!

Love you anyway,


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or did Queenie adopt Randy and changed

her/his mind and now he is stuck with

Mocha........a she/he without a picture

so we are wondering about an invisible

dog, a cow that is lost and a pig that

is so fat it can't eat anymore........

Kasey look what an evening at the Pub

can do to us...........


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