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Going for breast MRI on Fri...(update, negative test :) )


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I was not sure where to post this, but I had to post it somewhere out of supersticion. I am getting a breast MRI on Friday b/c of high risk. The breast surgeon I see for screening recommends it, insurance company says no, so $1,625 it is. Besides history with grandmothers, there are studies about the link with the hormones from over 4 rounds of fertility treatments and I only did 13 rounds total ;)

Anyway this is a great time for me to nag (I am so good at that, ask my family) all family members/caregivers not to neglect themselves and not to skip their own annual check ups b/c the last thing you ever want to hear a dr say is "you should have come in sooner". Also remember to bug the one you are caring for not to neglect other body parts b/c things can happen to those areas too.

My mom says I am a pain in the butt. I told her I am not the colonoscopy I want her to get!!! She claims she had one 5 years ago and that is good enough. Mental note to ask her onc at the next visit ;)

PS--You'd think that being as neurotic as I am I'd give up cake and ice cream, but nope. As Rich says, life is too short, eat a cookie! 8)

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My MRI was negative. Yay! She recommends me get genetic testing b/c there is family history of ovarian cancer, so I will do that.

Hope others keep up with those exams.

Still on the fence about when to do chest scan, got so many different opinions on it. I did have one 5 years ago. Had an infiltrate that went away.

Hugs to all.

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