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Hello Everyone!


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I'm Pam, I've never smoked and in December of 2000 I found out I had lung cancer at 38. I was lucky I survived. They were able to get all of the tumor so I did not have to go through some of the treatments others have.

I will be 8 years cancer free Juanuary 25! :D

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Yes definatly I have not shared the miraculas way it was found. I had gone to the hospital because I was having abdominal pain and throwing up. They decided it was my appendix. When they removed it they cut an artery in my abdomon. I was told the appendix was fine and sent home. The next day I was back in the hospital because I needed blood. They did a CT of my abdomon to make sure it was not still bleeding and found a small mass on my adrenial gland. While the were watching that they accidently caugh my bottom right lung and found the mass. I would have died because no one was thinking cancer on a 38 year old that had never smoked. I was just told my constant coughing was from asthema until then. I believe God his hands on me and used these circumstances to find it and used the doctors to removed it. I do not believe in chance.

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Welcome Pam. Wow what a story! Thanks so much for sharing. It is sad that it is not well known how many young people who have never smoked get lung cancer. You are a great addition to our "family", being a long term survivor, you will give hope to those yougn like you where who have been recently diagnosed.

Donna G

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Welcome Pam, and CONGRATULATIONS ON 8 YEARS!!! It's sooo GREAT TO HEAR from Long Term Lung Cancer Survivors. I know we're out there, but we sure could stand to hear from a lot more here at LCSC. :wink:

I'm so very happy things worked out so well for you.

God DOES take care of us.

I hope you'll stay around and offer inspiration to others here.

Maybe take a moment, and post your entire story under "MY STORY" forum.

Best wishes to you, and WELCOME once again!

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Congratulations on your success story. We always love hearing of great outcomes like yours. It amazes me how often lung cancer is found "accidentally" This was the case with my mom, despite what I would think were definite signs of a lung problem much earlier. She had a previous throat cancer history AND was a former smoker of 40 years....you would think that would have warranted a CXR! In any case, I can't wait to tell her about you. Thanks for sharing! Shelley

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