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Aaron, Colleen had WBR radiation as a follow up of the removal of her brain met. I'm not sure she would say it was fun, but it worked well for her.

We especially liked the big mask that they made for her and then bolted her to the table with it. They even let us keep it. I wanted to wear it for Halloween but she wouldn't let me.

All the best to you in your treatments.

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"Whole brain radiation, with a touch in the eyes - its a blast"........

It's a blast alright :shock: !

Saying lot's of prayers that it "blasts" the heck out of the problem area, very, very quickly.

Harry had to discontinue his Taxol treatment also, for the same reason as you. Neuropathy seems to be a common problem with that one.

How's it going, being an old married fellow now? :wink: Lot's of happiness to you and your wife.


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