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For those who are starting out in this journey...


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As long as there is life there is hope! I’m now going (prognoses was 24 months) on 5 and 1/2 years with Stage IV, my lung cancer is stable and have not had to have chemo since Dec 06. Not saying it is fun or easy because it is not. Be pro-active, think positive and focus on living not dying, on what one can do not what one cannot do. Learn to adjust as you go along. Take it one step/one day at a time. Research, research and more research as much as you can, knowledge is the key. Work closely with your oncologist, ask question if not sure. When in doubt seek a second/third opinion. Join an in person support group or a phone buddy, never go it alone. One can live with lung cancer, have a life and it is doable. To quote Winston Churchill-- Never Never Never Give Up! Prayers for all those who are walking this journey.


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Thanks for the encouragement. I have always been a positive optomistic person but am so disappointed with myself right now. After dissolving in a puddle when I was diagnosed with IIIB LC when I was sure I was early stage because I was so healthy, I bounced back and responded amazingly well to the first two infusions. Then I got a nurse who decided to cut my infusion time in half and the recovery has been awful. Two weeks into it and a week until next infusion and I feel a shadow of myself--physically spent and emotionally on the edge. In fact, I am going to go take an Ativan right now! I know I will bounce back. I've lived through a hell of a lot of adversity in my life and I'll live through this.

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Congrats!!! Rich...

You're amazing and I know your attitude has had a lot with your prognosis. I love your NEVER GIVE UP!!!

Your are an inspiration on here and have given so much hope for so many who are scared and confused.

Goes to show you pooey on statistics!

Take care my friend, as my 2008 be a much better year!

Maryanne :wink:

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Hi Rich, thanks so much for taking the time to post and remind us all that statistics don't me a thing to the individual. I love reading your posts and have sent this one to my mom. She isn't ready to join us here, but I love passing on the positive messages that I read. Have a wonderful New Year!


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