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Hi Aunt Kasey,

I know I'm a little late to this party, but as I explained on the phone, I had been having some problems of my own and I just didn't know what to say.

Now that I've had time to think, and to talk with you in person, I'm ready. I believe that this thing is going to turn out to be an artifact (whatever that is). However, if it's not, you and I are going to be kicking some cancer butt this spring.

Love you, have a great night.

BTW, it's almost 7 and I'm still feeling good. A little hyped up on steroids perhaps, but feeling good.


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Okay....So, this artifact and this sailor head into a bar...... :roll::wink:

Time to fire your archaeologist! VERY sloppy to be leaving artifacts around, don't you think?

All joking aside, you KNOW I will be waiting right along with you, and EVERYone else for your clean report in April!!

BIG HUGS, my Friend!!! (((((((Kasey & Fred)))))))

~ Stacey

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Gee! I am sure I am older than you and they haven't found any dinosaur remnants in me yet :lol:

Seriously - I am sure that it is just an "artifact" and you will get the best news in April. I know how hard waiting is - I am the worst at that!!

I will keep you in my prayers and thoughts!!

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Kasey, I have got to tell you that you have been one my heros for a while now. Geri is another one but she already knows it and we don't want it to go to her head so don't tell her again, okay?? I must say as I was lying stone cold still for my PET scan today I was giggling a little about the "artifact" and was also praying that indeed that is exactly what it is. Wish you would join us in chat some Tuesday night .... Randy is pretty hard to control sometimes. Take care!!!

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Hi sweetie...

Kasey...you are definatly NED again...phooey on this 'what ever it is"....which I never heard of..ha

I will be praying my friend that it is nothing...How many many time's do we all get scares...Remember just a few weeks ago I had one...I swear the radioligist would pick up a 'mite' if he could....I guess it's for the best thou....I'll be asking for prayer's next month....scan time = prayer time..

Now prayers to you honey....April will be here soon enough...hugs...nonni

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