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January 4th was the 3 year anniversary of my LC surgery. My doc told me last visit (In July) that with a good report this time, my chance of recurrence goes down and survival rate shoots up!!! That was terrific to hear.

This week was my visit. And the result.....less than what I had wished, hoped, and dreamed for. Seems there is a 'spot' on the lower right lobe. I stayed in Bethesda for an additonal afternoon to have a high resolution CT scan. Doc thinks it may be an artifact ~ wasn't sure what he meant by that. When I had the PET scan on Tuesday I believe some of the radioactive material seeped into my arm and it got all puffy and bruised and black and purple. Doctor says that some of that bruising MAY have swept through my bloodstream and settled in the bottom right lobe.

Now we don't know this is what it is or isn't. Instead of remaining on 6 month checkups, I am now back to three. So I'll return in April and see what is going on and IF this spot remains.

This is difficult to report after so many NED's in a row. If the spot is still there in April then we will discuss what action will need to be taken.

Thanks for all the good wishes and prayers this week. I know they worked as this spot is only in the mm category. We all know it could be much worse. So Fred and I are just hoping that April comes real fast and all will be clear again. Until then, please continue to keep me in your thoughts. You are all the absolute best!


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Kase, I've been holding my breath and waiting for your results. I'm betting on artifact also because you have too many cheerful, optimistic, courageous, and generous cells in your body for it to be anything else. I just wish they could scan sooner and give you the all-clear because I know you will be worrying (as anyone would!).

I will be thinking about you every day and will be wishing for April to be here in an eye-blink.


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I hate to hear that you are left sort of hanging out there until April by this but am thinking that it is going to be okay in the end.

What's the deal with the 'artifact'? I'm thinking maybe the doctor had archeology as a first choice but his parents forced him into medicine. I mean, we are old, but not that old for crying out loud, to be carrying artifacts around.

I'll be waiting along with you for April to get here so we can all breathe a sigh of relief!!

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Next time I have to use the word artifact at work, i'm going to substitute "old relic", I like that much better.

How to define artifact. I encounter it more with histology slides. There it would be something on the slide that isn't really part of the tissue but is maybe a glob of stain that didn't wash properly (those are the very scientific terms! :)) In a scan it could be an odd accumulation of contrast solution perhaps? In a nutshell, it is a foreign body/substance but not one of a biological nature so not one of any concern. Man, my teaching skills are rusty, cause I'm having a hard time explaining this one. :)

That said, the 3 months would likely be a long wait to hear that it was contrast solution that the body has absorbed and is not noticable anymore. I'm sorry that you have to wait and I don't think I would know whether to say that one month would be ample time for an artifact to no longer be noticable, but I would say it is worth asking the Dr. and hoping they can shorten the wait time.

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Oh Kasey, you don't need this! An artifact in your lung. :roll::roll: I guess that would lead to carefully excavating the presumed artifact, taking care not to destroy any little bit of ancient history. I know that you are so old that you don't remember your first day of kindergarten, but not old enough to be carrying around artifacts/relics.

Seriously, despite my lack of medical expertise, I think this could just as likely be nothing as something. Prayers.


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This is not the kind of news that settles well for three months! I'm on board with Cat -- if it is residue from the contrast material, I'd push to move up the next scan date. But, I also know that the Docs & insurance won't do that. :?

We'll be holding your hand (Fred's too!) during the upcoming wait. Bless you friend, it will be okay.


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OK so we have to wait to get the all clear. Things that are good are worth waiting for and think of the relief we will all feel when you get that all is well report. I continue to believe that all is well. Remember now Kasey girl-you are my role model! I continue to keep you and Fred in prayer and I continue to send positive, healing thoughts your way.


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Oh Kase, I have to wring my hands until April? :roll: :roll: :roll:

Now I know you're older than me but I didn't know I had a friend who was already turning into an artifact - have you called the museum yet? (this lends itself to months of stupid cracks)........won't you be glad when April comes and it's not there?

Seriously, I'm sorry that you didn't get a sparkling clean report this time, I sometimes think that these curves are sent to keep us humble - not getting too complacent about things you know - I shall keep you in my prayers and wring my hands until you get the all clear in April.



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Doggone it....

Three months of waiting is about 2-3/4's months too long.

Maybe you can wait a few weeks, then call them back and ask if you can go ahead and have the next CT scan...(Unless they think it will take that long for it to dissolve and go away)?

I'm sorry you're having to go thru this. It's like standing on the edge of a cliff...teetering...

I'll keep you in my prayers, and think only of the excellent results you'll get in April.

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I am in complete agreement with everyone here... I would question the 3 month wait... Now.. that being said here is my gut feeling on this... I feel that the doctor would not have mentioned the fact that you were OLD...(oh sorry not what I meant to type), the fact that you had an artifact in your lung, if he wasn't leaning more in that direction. AND I feel if he thought it was indeed more than that, he would have ordered more testing sooner, for whatever my thoughts are worth. I believe if he really felt the chances were high for reoccurance, he would be jumping all over this.

Just know that you aer in my prayers and I know the waiting STINKS... Until we hear differently... you are still NED with a mere artifact to boot.

Love, Sharon xx

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Sorry about the three months of

waiting to get another test

and get NED to stay with you again.


Artifacts are misrepresentations of tissue structures seen in medical images produced by modalities such as Ultrasonography, X-ray Computed Tomography, and Magnetic Resonance Imaging. These artifacts are caused by a variety of mechanisms, such as:

The underlying physics of the energy-tissue interaction (ie: Ultrasound-air)

Data acquisition errors (mostly from patient motion)

A reconstruction algorithm's inability to represent the anatomy.

Physicians learn to recognize these artifacts to avoid confusing them with real pathology.


The injection that went in the wrong tissues,

and the swelling following it could have

affected the result/reading.

I would say the swelling mostly.

Three months is a long time to wait, but

if it is caused by the liquid a full absortion

of it is needed till the next one.

Question for the expert????????

Will keep the prayers going your way till

all gets the ''CLEAR'' answer.



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Kasey it is the pitts that you didn't get a simple all clear result. But rechecking in 3 months for the disappearance of the "artifact" isn't too bad. Well the wait is on!

Donna G

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As a matter of fact.I also have artifact. I profiled it down towards the end. In short 10/07 my onc. was willing to say he is 99.9% sure my "new spot " is artifact, from breathing in or out or "something as simple as that" during the CT sacn. He got my radiologist and the DR reading the CT scan to agree. 3 against one, my scan is the 22nd, crossing my fingers and praying I am nothing more then an old relic! May you be one too :wink:


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