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Looking for some hope...


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My mom got the results from her scans today and it wasn't the news we were hoping for. The lungs looked clean and the so did the brain, but there was a spot on her skull. The doctor ordered a PET scan (I guess to get a better look and to see if there is anything on any other bones) for Monday and the earliest we'll get those results is Wednesday.

My brother is telling me that there is a possibility that it isn't actually cancer, that it could be scar tissue from the WBR she had. Has this ever happened to anyone? Or are we just getting our hopes up for nothing?

I hate that I am 2,000 miles away from my mom right now! (I live in AZ and she lives in Michigan, where I grew up) I am going crazy; I just want to hug her!! She had a plane ticket to come out here on Wednesday, but she had to postpone her trip. :(

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Hi Azgirl--

I am sending you strength and I hope that the scan is just a blip. I can relate to how you feel about being so far away from your parents...I live in DC and my parents live in LA. So, it was really hard to be so far away from them while we were in the cancer fight.

I don't know if you have this kind of flexibility--but for the entire time my dad was fighting lc, I flew to LA every 3 weeks...when he got really sick at the end of September, I flew to LA every other week. At the end of the day, I think it probably helped me more than it helped him....but I think if I hadn't been able to see him that much, I might have gone crazy...

Is there any way to head home in the next week or so? I think you will probably feel a lot better if you can see your mom--even if it's just for a short visit....

Sending you strength and good thoughts.



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Although I have used all of my sick and personal days for the rest of this school year (I am a teacher), if her PET scan indicates that this "spot" is actually more cancer, I will definitely take some more time off to go see her.

However, I am still clinging to the hope that it is some kind of inflamation or damage from her surgery or WBR and she'll be coming out here next week! At this point, I just can't let another alternative enter my mind, although I know I should prepare myself for the worst. I just can't.

Thanks for all the prayers and support. It helps to have a place to come to where I know everyone knows exactly what I am feeling.

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Woooooooooooo Hoooooooooooooo!!!!!

Mom got her PET scan results today and that spot was NOTHING! Her scan showed NO CANCER! I cannot even describe the tremendous flood of relief and gratitude I felt when I heard the news. It was incredible. Finally, something good. Something WONDERFUL.

Mom is flying out to AZ tomorrow! Yay!

I just wanted to share my happy news. :lol:


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I was just going to respond to your first post when I read you 2nd.,

THAT IS THE BEST NEWS!!!! :mrgreen:

You never know, that is why people should not jump to conclusions.... I know that is easy to say but it certainly would reduce that stress level.

Great great news... YIPPYYYYYYY!!!

Maryanne :wink:

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I too was going to write that with all Alan's radiation his CT's can appear troublesome, but the PET's usually indicate scar tissue.

Now I can do the happy dance as you found out that was the

exact case for your mom. :P:P Does increase the

stress level a bit waiting to the 2nd test to be done

but in this case worth the wait. Enjoy the time with

your mom.

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