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Bone Biopsy Question


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I am scheduled for a bone biopsy (T2) this Thursday at 1:00 p.m. I am asking for prayers that this is and remains an out patient procedure. I am also looking for anyone that has had a bone biopsy because I want the brutal truth concerning amout of pain involved. Thanks all.

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Hi Judy ~

I had a bone marrow extraction and bone biopsy (rear left hip) last summer. While not a pleasant experience and quite uncomfortable, it was managed with only 1mg of Xanax - 1 hr. prior, and some heavy local anesthesia. You feel alot of pressure and a BRIEF sharp "twinge" when they extract marrow. You feel a slightly lesser but similar sensation when they take the bone sample.

It is totally do-able as an outpatient procedure. I am a big WUSS and I did okay. My son works at Mayo and a nurse there said approximately 80% of the patients are able to tolerate it without a general. I will have to have them every year/other year as I had some abnormalities in my marrow.

Just look into something to help you relax, (or IV meds would be nice :wink: ) it is fairly quick and then you will be out and back home. Just be sure to take it easy for the remainder of the day. I'll be praying for you and holding your hand in spirit on Thursday! And looking forward to your posting of good CLEAN results!

Yours in HOPE!


P.S. (Added after original post...) I just noticed that your biopsy is being done on your vertebra..? If that is the case, I guess a slightly different procedure would be done. Should have read more closely...:oops: Either way ~ I am wishing you all the very BEST and praying for an easy procedure! ((HUGS!))

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Just wishing you the best of luck, Judy, AND hoping you had a great b-day!!!! Why didn't you tell us? There was a b-day celebration in the Pub. I guess we may as well keep it going all week.....just in case anyone missed out. Maybe a visit there before your procedure will help you through???? Just kidding ~ really. You know I'll be rooting for a pain-free procedure with good results.


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My Dad has his as an outpatient with no meds at all... NOTHING.... I am actually shocked that people had meds cos the Doc never even mentioned that to Daddy... he had his done in his hip. Never complained once, but, that was just the way my Daddy was.... I wish you luck...

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