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It's back....... even Dr is surprised


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Well we found out today my mom's cancer is back. She found a lump right where her chest tube scar was from her surgery. Dr had scans done and it showed up on those. He had a biopsy done and it came back as sclc. Even the her Dr's were surprised they said this is very uncharacteristic for sclc. A first for them. Well at least we are the first at something!

So we again go into treatment mode. Her Dr's are great and jumped right back in. They were shocked but ready to fight. They had other Dr's on the phone while we were still there, getting their opinions.

My mom is ready to fight. She is the world to me. Her strenght and courage amazes me. I will walk every step of the way with her and my dad. We fight this as a family.

Now I will again get into fight mode, but tonight I am sad and scared and angry. Just when I started to have days when cancer wasn't the first thing I thought of it comes rushing back in. I hate cancer! I hate that my mom has to endure so much! I hate the fear I see again in my dad's eyes! I hate that I had to tell my children! I hate that it is again in the front of my mind. (It never will leave my mind but at least for a while it was in the back.)

I need to return to my faith and belief that this treatment will work. I need to find that place again, but tonight, it is just hard.


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Hi dscherer; I am new here and cannot offer much. My heart goes out to you. My husband is the one with the cancer. We recently went thru all the pre-treatment emotions and I got real caught in it for few days.

I, too, knew this was not good. I stepped back and said "I am not in control of this", and then when I remember that, the road gets somewhat smoother. We have to stay focused for the ones that are sick and I find this difficult.

I will pray for you and your family. BTW, I was born in Madison and love your State.

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Gosh, Dana, I am very sorry to hear the news. Mom beat it back successfully once and can do it again. Time for you both the suit up for another round. I sure wish none of us had to do it at all ~ let alone AGAIN. I'm waiting to see if I get a ticket to ride again and I know it surely does stink. You are a great team......best of luck this time around.


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Hi Dana..it is tough when you have to go through it again. It sounds as if your Mom has a great support team though. The doctors sound pretty good too. It is most certainly a family fight.

Take this weekend and go fishing with Mom and then put your fighting clothes on.

Praying that her next treatment will do the trick.

Love to you and yours,


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Hi Dana, I am sorry to hear about your Mom and will pray for her.

I have been back in treatment for sclc, after 4 years it has gone to the bones in my pelvic area. Two months into treatment I felt a lump (it was sore too) right where my chest tubes were (3 surgeries). They did a biopsy and it was also sclc. I was so surprised, I thought it was scar tissue. I am on Taxol for 16 sessions (1 per week). I have 9 to go.

Please keep in touch and tell your Mom to take care.

God Bless,

Nancy B

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