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Alan PET/CT scans


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Well sort of a mixed bag of results for Alan.

PET/CT show recent Mets are essential unchanged,

therefore stable which is good.

There is now a new focal area of increased activity

in his lower left chest wall behind the ninth rib.

Did not show up real "hot" so they are calling it

"possible metastasis or trauma", so I think just keep a close eye on this spot.

Alan now has New moderate amount of right pleural effusion.

More than likely this is what has been causing the

increase in shortness of breath.

I am not very experience with the pleural effusion as

Alan has not had this in the past. So any of you that can help with that area please fill me in.

Meet with medical oncologist on Tuesday to map out

our next course of action. Overall Alan has been feeling pretty yucky.

The other day he said he is tired of living his life

this way. After all he has been through can't say as

I blame him.

I will update more after we meet with the Dr.

Prayers to everyone.

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I will be keeping you in my thoughts!

My mom was diagnosed with malignant pleural effusion. We brought her to Mayo and they inserted a pleurex catheter. It is a wonderful contraption for people with large pleural effusions!!! She was able (with assistance from my dad) to drain her own fluid every day without going to the doctor. It helped prevent alot of complications I believe. Once she started chemo and the fluid stopped accumulating (the first chemo) she had the catheter removed.

I wish you the best.

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Debbi Iam sorry to hear that news about Alan. He has neen throgh so much, my heart goes out to you both.

I pray for better news once they get this issue taken care of. I can't help you in that department, but Iam sure there are other who can.

Hang in there, you are a amazing woman to stay so strong for him.


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Hi Debbie,

Mixed bags are tough to handle or understand. I'm sorry. I'm sure Alan is very tired of all of this -- you too! God bless you both.

What would you like to know about pleural effusion? Tony had 23 thoracentesis procedures done. The majority of the time (until the end) his effusion was not malignant.

The first bout was caused by the long term taxotere use, when he had the least amount of cancer. It took months and plenty of thoracenteses. Another line of therapy ended up chasing it away for a time. (Radiation is also an irritation factor that can cause effusion.)

The second bout was the cancer coming into play and more thoracenteses had to be done.

Pleurodesis or catheters are the other two options. Tony refused pleurodesis and catheters weren't thought to be a great solution in his case. I think there is a lot to weigh about how long he has been battling this, his overall strength, coupled with how intrusive of a procedure he wants to deal with at this point. (Tony said no one was going to put a chest tube in him ever again. :shock: -- Okay sweetie, step away from the knife drawer -- nobody is touching you. lol :wink: )

Tony tolerated the thoracentesis procedure extremely well, so that was how we handled this issue. We knew by his breathing when he needed another tap and had a routine with the lung doc. He eventually developed loculation, so even tapping didn't resolve everything.

There is always a risk of collapsed lung, but he only had a partial collapse one time -- very late in the game.

If you want more info, feel free to write.

May God give you wisdom on your next decisions,


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So sorry to hear that Alan is feeling so crummy. I certainly understand his feeling the way he does. When one feels poorly sometimes it just seems all too much. Hopefully the doc will have some plan of action to help him feel somewhat better. You guys have been such an awesome team. It must be difficult for you seeing you guy struggle. Many good thoughts, wishes, and prayers are always offered for you. Hope to hear an update with some hope soon.


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