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Getting to Know You - March 11


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Not a chance in he**. I talk to myself, I answer myself, I make myself laugh. I talk to inanimate objects such as a coffee table that I'm refinishing. Heck, I even talk smack to the punching bag when I'm working out. And if there is any type of sport on TV that I'm remotely interested I coach the team I'm rooting for from my couch.

I'll bet if they wired my jaw shut I'd still talk.

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Not me....absolutely could I not talk for an entire day. I would even talk to myself...lol! As a child, my mom and dad would always comment that I had never met a stranger, as I would start talking to anyone that would listen. Believe me, there have been many times in my life that I wish I did a better job of keeping my big mouth shut!!!

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well, it seems that i am the odd ball here.....i never thought i could go an entire day without talking, but since i have been home instead of work since dx, i often go all day without talking to anyone until i go to get Jack from preschool. i guess if i didn't have him around, i might be able to not talk all day

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Nope, I have some very interesting conversation with

myself even with other people around. Quinn is

always listening to me ramble, then she just yawns

and heads to her scratching post. And trust me the

players can hear me when I am screaming at them through the T.V. :roll:

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