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Today would have been my 30th wedding anniversary, had Dennis survived. Usually, on this date, I cry but today I just feel a little numb. I spent time this morning reflecting on 25 of those 30 years and remembering the good times. Oh, how I miss that man.

You know, it was his idea to get married on St. Patrick's Day, as he thought getting married on a holiday would assure that he would never forget an anniversary.

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WE may not ahve the physical being but we do have the wonderful memories Ann. I understand about forgetting and have to laugh, cause I got married 2 days after Valentines day! :wink:

I hope you have some joy in remembering the great things and the wonderful time you and Dennis spent together! Hugs and Prayers....

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Stinks, doesn't it Ann. I know that the memories are wonderful and I know that you wouldn't have traded those years with Dennis for anything. But I am finding that the memories are not as sharp, that I have to dig deep to get them sometimes. Are you finding this?

Please know that I hope you get a job soon. We all need that extra money to buy the darling clothes for our grandbabies.

So I wrap you in my cyper hugs and want you to know that even though I don't post often, I watch for you and think of you.

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Hi Ann I'm so glad that you had a good day. I have gotten to the point where most of my memories are the good ones but sometimes---Anyway I wish you the best.

I got through Johnny's birthday on the 15th by keeping busy and trying to help one of my neighbors who lost her husband in February. I so wish I could have had someone to help me through those first few months before I found this board. Someone who really understood where I was comming from.

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