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Please say a quick one (Prayer) for Mitchell. LAst I heard, admitted to hospita;l for dehydration after surgery and having a rough go of his new life style! I know its not cancer but You know Mitchell! Thanks everyone!

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Thank you so much for updating us on Mitchell. I have been reading his blog and I was really very concerned about him. I'm so sorry he has had to be hospitalized. This surgery sounds like no picnic. When you get the chance to contact him again, please let him know that my thoughts and prayers are with him.



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Mitchell!!!! What the heck are you doing my friend?? I'm sending prayers up for some fast mending and that you'll be out of the hospital soon, soon, soon. You can't be scaring us here like this you little nut. :wink: I hope they get you regulated and have a better game plan for you to use when you go home so this doesn't happen again.

Looking forward to seeing those baby blues around here again.

Thanks Randy for the heads up.

Sending big hugs and prayers,


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Hi everyone, I am home now and full of fluids! Unforunately, we seem to be having a problem getting them in fast enough on the top end before they fly (literally) out the other!


So yes this hasn't gone off without a hitch but whatever really does? The pain has been minimal; the nausea and "etc." has been rough, though I must say I'm glad I don't have vomiting. I also have developed aversions to almost everything, though I don't think that's so shocking considering I've spent the last 240 hours of my life sipping one little ounce of either water, protein shakes, or sugar free popsickles over and over and over and over and over. . . Talk about boring and those thick protein shakes get pretty disguisting in that quantity.

But by far, the worst part of this is the head hunger. I am not hungry - not at all. But I would attack billboards, empty out my bank account, and possibly harm someone right now for some good food. I want to eat more than anything!! And I can't!

Even once I can start eating pureed food, (Wednesday if I'm lucky and the bowel system complies), It's only an ounce and a half three times a day. Lord have mercy, this is HARD STUFF. I would probably physically harm someone if they accused me of taking the easy way out, cause this is no non-sense, not for wimps business. And even though I'm kinda freaking out, having a difficult time adjusting, and running into obstacles, I'm determined that I'm going to get through this, see the awesome benefit of it and get to enjoying my new life - even if it is without lasagna. This is 1000x harder than quitting smoking for me.

Thank you all for your concern and prayers. I do need them very bad. But on the bright side, I've lost 33 pounds in the last 10 days - which brings my 2008 total to 83! How awesome is that! Watch out folks, I'm on this ride and I'm not getting off.

Stay tuned. . . You're not going to recognize me in six months.

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Oh Mitchell. I just can't help but to encourage you on!!! You have such a positive spirit. I am so glad to see you are out of the hospital. In a few weeks I am sure you will adjust to the new normal for you. And I am sure we will not recognize you in a few more months. You are an inspiration. Please keep us posted and continued best wishes bud...your heart just shines through your posts. Take care and continued best wishes for your mom.


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I am glad things are going your way. Keep the fluids going-- we don't need you back in there with a bowel obstruction. I am an anxious to see the new Mitchell in 6 months! hang in there big (soon to be small) guy.


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Good to hear from you Mitch. Sounds like your finally on the mend. That dehydration stuff isn't any fun. Been there, done that and it's sucky! :roll::wink: Drink, Drink Drink and Drink somemore!!!! :wink:

We're all pulling for you. Keep in touch and thanks for the GOOD NEWS UPDATE! So glad to your 83 lbs lighter!!!!! You Go Man, you can do this!!!!!! :wink:

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Hi Mitchell,

I just read your blog and sent you a comment on there.

I hope you are feeliing better and I am sending you healing prayers.

Hang in there, you will get through this.

Thinking of you and missing you amd ot was gppd to see your smiling face.

Maryanne :wink:

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