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My scan results


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Hello all! I just got my latest chest scan reports back and I am still NED (8 years)! I am so blessed and so grateful. I still can't believe it.

It was the first time I had a CT without contrast. I've had "very small ground glass opacities" that have remained unchanged since 2003. All doctors assume it's scar tissue from my surgery. The report said they still remain unchanged and after all this time, the drs. said if it was anything, they would have changed. I still wish they wouldn't show up at all though. But I won't look for trouble ....

I was diagnosed in 2000, when my twins were in 4th grade and I didn't know if I would make their elementary school graduation. Well, I'm still here, and they graduate high school next month! Yep, they are the babies in my avatar. I will update the picture with one from their HS graduation next month.

My next goal - to be at their College Graduation. Both twins accepted at Stony Brook University in New York. I am so proud of them. They will be in the dorms, but are close enough to come home on weekends (2 hour Long Island Railroad into NYC). They told their college advisor (who told me without them knowing) that they wanted to stay in NY in case my cancer came back and I needed them. Of course when I heard that, I cried in the advisor's office like a baby. But I am happy with their decision. It's a good college and I am glad they are close to come home on weekends when they want.

Well, I wanted to share my good news with you all. I'm ok until my next scan in January. I'm copying this to my other boards (ACOR and the AOL board), so I'll see some of you there. :D



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Wow, that is so awesome - congrats - 8 YEARS!!!

I know exactly how you feel, that amazement, that here you are and your boys are graduating college!! Amazing stuff - this surviving!!!

Wish you the best!!

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Alisa - WOW, 8 years! Congratulations!!!! I can't wait to see the difference in your twins...from diapers to grad gowns and caps-amazing! What a great job you did with them too - wanting to stay close to mom in case you need them - I would say they need you just as much.

Thank you for continuing to inspire everyone that has had lung cancer invade their lives -you are amazing!!!


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