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We lost mom, LeslieB


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I've dreaded coming back here to make this statement. I don't know why. I gained so much from reading all the encouraging words and the many many accomplishments of all the others here. I don't think we would have made it through the many little trials had it not been for the wise and warm words of everyone here. So here's a belated thank you.

Everything for mom (LeslieB) took a turn for the worse in April. And by May, she was no longer able to bounce back or recover. Events accelerated so quickly those last two weeks.

Mom, Leslie Bauer-Szczepanski, passed away at 2:30am on the morning of Sunday, May 18th after being home for a scant 30hrs of hospice care. She was so much more than what I've ever portrayed here on the boards. But I know that's true for all the people we've met here.

But just a tiny bit of bragging: Mom was one of those 70's mothers that did everything. And looking back, I simply cannot fathom HOW she pulled it off. She went from housewife to star sales woman for Apple. Then from there to VP of Sales for Apple in Eastern Europe. She took risks and made mistakes like everyone else. She was bold, brave, loving, tender, kind, wise, goofy...she was everything possible to family and friends. No one will ever be able to say she didn't LIVE. There could not possibly be any regrets for more love, more money, more success. But we really could have used more time.

We're trying to start something called the Kill Cancer Fund, established in mom's honor, to help build awareness for small cell lung cancer and fund research aimed at finding a cure for lung cancer.

My best thoughts, prayers and hopes goes out to everyone that is part off this board. You've all been so strong and supportive. I hope to get to the point were I can come back and be one of those who help and encourage others. There can never be enough encouragement.


Christine B

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Wow Christine, I love reading how you speak of your mother. She sounds like a truly remarkable woman, and I know a thing or two about having one of them for a mother. :) Someone once said to me, after hearing me speak of my mother after she died, that she hoped one day her kids would speak the same way of her. Same goes for you. Anyone would be truly blessed to have someone speak that way of them. And clearly she was a woman well deserving of such eloquent words.

I'm so very very sorry for your loss. You and your family are in my prayers.

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