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MRI results


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I got my MRI results today. Doc says there something in my back pushing on a nerve that is causing me the grief in my leg. She said she is very certain it is not cancer and I do believe it because it doesn't feel like it is in my bones.

So anyhow, she is referring me back to the neurosurgeon. I didn't have this leg issue when I saw him last and he was recommending against surgery. She said he might not have been keen then but that he may reconsider now.

In the meantime she has given me a prescription for a pain killer that is supposed to help with nerve pain.

She told me to STAY OFF MY !!**!! FEET...pretty much in those words too I might add. She said if I want to do any exercise at all get in the pool and that is it. I asked her if I could go see a physiotherapist and she said yes. There will be things they won't do because they don't want to get blood flow going with cancer. So I won't be getting a nice massage that I could dearly use. But hopefully the physio can give me some other back exercises that will help strengthen my back cause it ain't getting any better.

All that and we really have no idea about how effective radiation was to my back yet...apparently it takes some time for radiation to do it's thing and really figure that out.

All in all though...good news I guess..it isn't more cancer and that is a relief.

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Sandra, I'm so glad it's not cancer causing your leg pain but hope you get it resolved real soon. You know there's conflicting evidence regarding massage and I understand some some cancer centers are even offering it now. Check it out. I'm in remission and kept up my massage somewhat regularly throughout my treatment. Don't think I could live without it!

Judy in Key West

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Sandra I did post in your other thread, but what you discribe here is exactly what my husband has. He has two disks that are deteated L4 & L5 lower lumbar. Anyway his left leg is numb and he has lower back pain. This has been going on with him for some time now.

However, he too went to the Pain Clinic and they gave him the shot in the back (steriod). It's been a little over two weeks so far, and he has gotten some relief from the shot.

The nerve is inflamed because it is pinched. So they go in and put the shot in the disk and this allows the nerve to settle down and slowly become unpinched. If the first shot doesn't work then can do this shot 3 times in one year the doctor said. So far my hubby is doing better. But, I can say this doesn't work for everyone, because I know of many others that have had the shots and never got any relief from them.

Best wishes.

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Sandra--I'm thrilled to hear that the pain isn't coming from cancer! While pain is pain, you fell like you can deal with anything that isn't cancer at this point. Keep us updated on what they do to help. Those of us in the "back brigade" are always looking for things to help with all the pain--cancer and noncancer!

ps--the Quadramet seems to be helping Mom a lot. She now has very little pain, just some stiffness.


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I am glad its not cancer Related, but do hope you get some relief soon for your pain. I hurt my back awhlie back, and had to go to PT and although most of the relief was from massage, they did do other things, such as ultrasound, and heat therapy (large, moist heat pads on my back for half hour) Maybe some of these things the physio could offer you.


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