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Annual Scan Good


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Well, I made it another year. Scary, with what they're telling me now.

Yes, I've paid a physical price with this "new normal", but I'm here in fact.

That says it all.

Thank you all for your kindnesses, and your forgiveness for my more

recent neglect of everybody here -- I have to use computer at work,

and we all know how that goes.

Meanwhile, I understand they've improved on the technique used in my

surgery, so the next guy won't be shrinking and have to lose the collarbone.

That seems to be working out well.

I am counting my blessings that I have a job -- too many friends been RIF'd this

last six months -- and protection from losing that and my health insurance.

My kids are still healthy, growing, parents still alive -- I won't complain.

I feel as though I'm aging twice as fast as anyone else my age or maybe that

s just what happens when you become eligible for AARP.

Blessings to all of you. And never stop believing in hope.



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I am so happy for you Mary Ann. Great news .

I was just thinking I should call for a "meeting" of us Pancoast tumor survivors, wondering how everyone was.

I tell you all our treatment and surgery we had really wipes you out. My 2 broken ribs have never healed so at times I am conscious about them. I signed up at Curves , trying to get some stamina back. The good news is I will be an 11 year survivor in December!

Thanks for keeping us posted.

Donna G

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MaryAnn!!!!!!!! When did you see Dr. Schrump? I am thrilled that you are, indeed, still here! You mentioned that it's scary as with what they're telling you now.WHAT are they telling you now? You KNOW I want to know. I also know about not feeling quite up to snuff. But we ARE here for some reason, I have to think. You know I am here only because of You, friend.

Call me sometime so we can catch up. And I'm sorry about having no computer. Did the laptop finally bite the dust? I'd be lost without mine.

I love you and so does Fred,


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