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CT scan time again


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I just got back from my most wonderful vacation. But reality has returned. I had a phone message when I got home for a CT scan tomorrow.

I reported last that my PET scan showed progression in my lung and lymph nodes (where I was clear before) and in my spine. Although my med onc says it is very difficult to tell exactly what is going on in the spine area, growth or just damage. This PET scan was done a few weeks after being on Tarceva and I wasn't surprised about the results as I could feel what was going on in my lung. If there is further progression after this CT scan I will have to stop Tarceva to start another chemo.

My lung actually feels less sore so I am much more hopeful this time that is a good sign that the Tarceva is working.

I haven't had any good news in quite some time and could sure use some. An early xmas present perhaps.

Your prayers, for good news, would be most appreciated.


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I was summoned to the cancer clinic yesterday when I phoned and reported a fever (over 39 C, think that is well over 100F). I had been at work all week and trying to push through a bit of a sore throat/cold. It all got the better of me yesterday. So they took blood tests etc to check for infection and blood counts. They gave me a prescription and sent me home. And of course told me to rest and take it easy! Phew, that gave me more than a bit of a scare.

Anyhow, while I was there the general practitioner that was tending to me did look at my most recent CT and he noted there was no sign of pneumonia and also that there appeared to be no growth. So I am not taking that as the official word, as want to hear that directly from an oncologist. I want to make triple sure that the no growth is the case and that I should stay on tarceva versus moving on to something else.

I will go pick up the written report tomorrow if I am feeling well enough. I'll post for sure when I know for sure, but for now I will take that as relatively good news. Apologies in making everyone wait. It always seems to take so long here to get results.

thanks for keeping me in your prayers


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Don't apologize for making us wait. I don't know how you stand it. There are people here who wait days even a week or more for test results. I'd be coming unglued.

Sandra, it all sounds pretty positive so I'll take it as good new too. Yeah!!!Hope you are feeling better and now do what the doctors say and REST.

Judy in Key West

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Well I know there are a few of you here waiting for my official results....never mind myself!

I went to see the med onc today to receive them, after getting some unofficial "looks stable" results from a general practitioner last week when I was at the clinic with a fever/cold.

So I am reading the results of the CT scan with a back up med onc today and they basically say no change. But...they are being compared to a CT scan that I had in July 2008. I asked her how could that be given that a more recent Nov 2008 pet scan indicated growth both in the lungs and my spine. She isn't as familiar with my case as she is a back up but we quickly thumbed through my ever growing file to look back at the PET scan results. Upon reading them she was confused as well and said that she was going to get the comparison redone.

Very frustrating to say the least...it seems like good news but I am way to cautious now about getting overly excited until the facts are confirmed. Makes you really wonder about some of those CT scan tech/drs? and are they really looking at stuff properly.

In any case, the latest CT scan did read pretty good about stability since July. So for now, I will continue to digest that at a minimum as "not bad news" but will wait until I officially write in the "good news" forum. I so badly want to post there.

And for now then, I will continue with Tarceva.

a confused lc survivor...


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I am one of those who have been waiting for those results. It's not fair that you haven't gotten conclusive results yet, but the CT scan results do sound good. I would take that as good news. Hang on to all the good thoughts and I do hope when all the info is in that you will put a big post in GOOD NEWS... I love that forum as well. Hang in there and know that I'm one of the ones out here pulling for you. Keep us updated.



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