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old memories!


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Posted: Mon Jan 23, 2006 3:23 pm Post subject: Deborah H Wallin Left this earth


At 3 am on monday I recieved a phone call that she was done fighting this and tired. She is Now with our Lord and saviour and watching over us with all loved ones tha twent before us. I have finished making her funeral arragements. I Will Be around for my fight to continue for Deb. She might be out But I will Make my voice heard every chance I get for her memory. Am shaving my head tomorrow for her because she would not let Me do this. She went in about less than 5 minutes after 2 Years and 9 Months of fighting this disease. Our 9th wedding anniversary is Feb 16 Right after Valentines day. Thank you for your Love compassion and advice when I needed it. She is with the lord and Made her piecce 10 days ago just in case. Tell your Spouse and family you love them every chance that you get Because you may not get the chance when the time comes. I DID THIS EVERY DAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I think I am all cried out today and its only 7 am. Got the blues but I shall beat them back with lots of gusto and energy today!

Its strange how You can go back in time and reread things and sudenly it dawns on you that so many who responded are gone Now. One of the first responses I got to that post was From Fay A. Ya know we miss Fay. ANd so many others also. Just did not have the time to do the memorial list this year Its getting too long in any event. We know how many have passed since then and I dont think we ever forget them no matter what their relationhip is to us. Parents, Siblings, Spouses, Significant others, Family mebers such as Aunts Uncles and Cousins.

We all personally remember those closest to us and we also remember those that made the biggest differences in our lives.

BUT!!! We all soldier on in their memory to support and fight for everyone affected By Lung cancer Here...

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Randy, as a relative newcomer I extend heartfelt positive thoughts your way on this sad anniversary. I also thank you and others for continuing to fight and support survivors like myself.

I don't remember Deb or Fay nor many of the others people mention who have passed. I've not been around the site that long. But I do remember the picture of that strong, young man (his name escapes me right now of course) who passed early in my membership to the site. I didn't know him long but I felt sad and responded to the hush that came over the site. We survivors grieve every loss to and rejoice in every victory over this disease.

May the day pass gently for you.

Judy in Key West

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Randy - may wonderful memories of you and Deb help carry you through remembering the anniversary of her passing. Your love was so special and I know she is embracing you with her love today.

It is so sad to remember how many have been lost to this wretched disease. Thank you for everything you do to continue to fight against lung cancer Randy - it is so appreciated.



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