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It's been a while

paul verdon

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Hi all

I've update our profile and tried to keep it short. A lot has happened since last September when I wrote last. The worst was an emergency brain tumor removal for Michael January 8, 2009, when we didn't know the cancer had gone to the brain. The are a number of lesions.We holding on to hope but it's difficult. Michael has completed full brain radiation. This scares me.

BTW We got married on our 25th anniversary on Oct. 7th. All though Calif. voters won a ballot we are still protected so far and we hope this discrimination gets thrown out by the courts. What a party we threw!


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I will be praying that Michael continues to improve - he sounds like a fighter!

I am so happy to hear of your marriage - i thought my 7 year engagement was long - 25 years - WOW! I wish you many many more! (and a prayer that California gets it right and keeps your rights)


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Hi Paul,

I am sorry to hear that he, and you also have been through so much with this awful disease. I hope and pray that the brain radiation works and kills any and all cancer cells.

Congratulations on your marriage. I will continue to keep you both in my prayers.


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Paul, I'm sorry the year started out so poorly for you and Michael, but it must have at least been a comfort that you had tied the knot with a grand ceremony. Congratulations and I'm crossing my fingers that the courts do the right thing for those of you who were married before that infamous vote. Keep the faith because I know of many people who have benefited greatly from brain radiation.

Judy in Key West

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