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Three Years


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It has been three years since my diagnosis and I'm generally doing okay...Imagine that. For those of you that remember my first post here...I was in a complete panic and thought I was going to die in a month. Thanks to everyone who calmed me down with your responses and your continued support over these three years.

I'm ready for when this thing comes back to fight on! As much as I respect God, I'm not going easy...I have alot to contribute still.


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Hi Lilly, you are another amazing story here, everyone just keeps boosting my hopes even tho my prognosis has always been way above my initial expectations. I too thought I was going to die in 1 to 6 months, strange how we seem to have that perception with no information to go on. to quote your story, "Day 10 of Tarceva, started rash..It's on my chin, scalp, around nose. Also sores in my mouth. I'm using antibiotic and steroid creams for my face and a oncologic mouth rinse for my sores." I have just started carboplatin / alimta last week and I have the mouth sores, rashing and extreme tenderness in my nose and all over my face my hair even hurts, what there is of it, as well as diarrea and jittery and awake way to much. Did the steroid creams and mouth rinse help you? I'm in the docs everyday lately for B-12 shots and I'm on a ton of B complex vits as well. Anyway it is very nice to meet you and to see you brought ned with you. Keep it up, I'm in your corner.


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Lily - God respects you right back girl! Congratulations on 3 years!!! You are amazingly strong and continue to fight back at every turn - not only does He respect you , but I respect you and admire your tenacity. You will be here to contribute for many years to come...you inspire me and so many others.



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Congrats Lilly-

I am so happy for you. I am close to three years and also believed it when they told me 12 months tops!!! Well......guess they don't know who they are messing with, huh?????

Hoping and praying for MANY MANY more three years!!!!

Hugs - Patti B.

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Good for you, Lilly. I do remember when you first came here. You've come a long way, baby, as they say. Just keep on keeping on and let us all offer our hopes, prayers, and good wishes that things keep going in the right direction. I'm already starting to feel anxious over that PET coming up in August. In the meantime - celebrate how far you've come!


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Lilly, I wasn't here for your early panic but I do recognize your picture. Congratulations on three years.

I'm ready for when this thing comes back to fight on!

I wish I'd cultivated that attitude during my year in remission. It would have made the eventual progression easier on my psyche. I'm working on it but it's a fine line to walk.

Hope you don't ever have to take on that fight again but if you do, at least you are prepared.

Judy in Key West

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