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Col's Scan Results


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Well, another scan another set of questions...The scan seemed to show some additional growth in a few areas. Dr. prescribed an antibiotic to rule out infection, which she did last time as well. Col will have a PET Scan on Friday the 26th and meet with the oncologist on July 2nd. The same day I'm supposed to be trying to qualify for the PA Amatuer Golf Championship.

We'll have to see what the Pet shows. Doc says if the cancer has grown, we'll probably have to switch off Tarceva to something different. We're not worrying about that till then. Right now we'll just keep our fingers crossed.

Other than that Jack had his tonsils out last Wednesday. I happy to say he came out of it well....He is still pretty banged up, but he is one strong damn kid. Doesn't complain a bit, even when I can see it hurts him

Hope all is well with everyone here. Expect to hear from me around July 3rd rain or shine.

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Praying for good results - hope it is just an infection!!! Col is one tough cookie!!!

Sorry about Jack having to have his tonsils out. Ouch!!!! But then theres all that ice cream!! :D:D

Good luck at the golf outing and please let us know as soon as you find about about Colleens scan.

Hugs - Patti B.

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Your Good!! I was just thinkin bout You Folks yesterday and wondering how Col was doing!! sorry bout the news and Hope its better on the 3rd! Give Jack a pint of Ben & Jerry for Me Will ya!! :wink:

Hope the appointment on the third goes well !!!

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Well darnitall for growth showing. Let's hang on to infection for now. You know Fred and I will be hoping (praying and whatever else one does) that PET and followup will bring news of stability or better. We're just so sorry that you guys even have to deal with reports like this. Only here do people pray for infection and any other darn things and celebrate them, huh?

We will miss you next week at lunch ~ hope you can enjoy the wedding. And of course Jack is a hang-in-there kind of guy ~ look at his mom and dad. He is just pure joy! We'll try not to talk about you guys too much at lunch :wink: ! You miss - we diss!!!!



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Hi JB,

I am with Kasey on this one.... keeping my fingers crossed its just an infection.

Give little Jack a hug from me and Joel... Kids bounce back in know time from operations.... we should be so lucky. :roll:

Tell Col I'm thinking of her and Iam sending good vibes her way.

I know you will keep us posted.... everything crossed here


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