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One Year


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Yesterday was the one year mark of Alan's passing. I can't

believe a year has gone by since I held Alan's hand as he took his last breath.

I was surrounded by friends and family.

I spent the day celebrating other Cancer Survivors as yesterday was

The Annual Circles of Life Fashion Show. A show Alan modeled in for

two years. All the Models in this Fashion Show are cancer survivors

and the energy, inspiration and hope is unbelievable.

Alan's brother Tom was there with me, and although we both struggled

emotionally, we celebrated the stories of survival.

I miss Alan so much, but as he would have wanted, I am moving forward

with my life. I am taking Scuba Diving lessons!! The next adventure in

my "new" life.

My beloved Alan I miss you and will always love you.


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you don't have to move forward in leaps and bounds but you are moving forward and that's a good thing!! Hugs and Prayers For you today...

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Oh Deb, how I remember so vividly that first fashion show when you had to wear a dress :lol: ! You weren't real crazy about the idea! Then the next year and a different dress - your avatar. I am sorry you are missing Alan. Ya know ~ I miss knowing he is here too. I found some comfort in knowing the two of you were just 'there' somewhere in cyberspace. Now I am sorry that you are just 'there' by yourself. I hope you can remember special memories and they make you smile. Remembering your story about that dress brought a smile to me today. Take care - and glad you stopped by to share.


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I know how hard it is to hit these special dates and not let them overtake you. I'm sure Alan would be so very proud of you, not only for attending the fashion show and supporting such a wonderful cause, even though it must have been very hard. But also for honoring him and his love for you by moving forward and taking new adventures as he would have wanted. It is a hard thing to do, and takes a lot of strength and courage. You are an amazing woman!



I'm sending you cyber hugs and prayers that you be wrapped in comfort and support, and that your days be gentle. God Bless you!

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