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Three years...how is that posssible???

Nick C

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Mom was diagnosed 3 years ago today? Unreal.

I gardened all day and then had the opportunity to speak to a room of folks about our foundation...and raised some $ for research. Tried to make the day as worthy as possible. Now just blasting out some golf tourney e-mails...

I also got the NICEST note from one of my mother's friend's daughter...here it is:

I saw your mom a few days before we heard she passed. I saw her on the side of the road going into a store. My first thought was to stop (I had not seen her in a while and she had not meet my son Sean and I wanted them to meet) But I thought "there is plenty of time" (not knowing she was sick again) When I heard she passed I wanted to kick myself for not stoping. Randy had taught me so much in the years i knew her, go figure she taught me another thing right before passing. Never wait till tomorrow, do it today!!!

She was the strongest person I have ever and will ever meet. Some of her influences are the reason I am the woman I am today. She always told me when I was being bitchy or not being fair. She taught how to handle some of lifes little chalenges (weather I wanted to hear it or not) When my parents got divorced, Randy was always over helping us with something or another. And I like to think we were there for here when she needed someone too. (me and my mom)

Sorry to vent like this, I just kind of feel like telling you these thing makes Randy hear them in some way. I have dealt with a lot of deaths in my life. But Randy, I just can't find closure. Just writing this I'm balling my eyes out.


My mom was amazing. I miss her.

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I always have a hard time around the anniversary of Mom's diagnosis. That is the day everything changed forever. I will never forget the fear and uncertainty of that day. What a neat letter to get from your mom's friend's daughter. It is always so nice to hear other people's fond memories of our loved ones. Your mom sounds like such an amazing person!

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What a heartfelt letter. There are just some very special people, aren't there? I remember many of your post from years ago. I remember your mom getting nails done with your beautiful wife and having a birhday dinner. Am I right? I need to go back and check. At any rate, Nick, it IS hard to imagine 3 years. How great you've been too. She seemed to be such a special lady ~ and you too (special MAN, that is) as her son.


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Beautiful letter Nick... with so much meaning. I hope it helps someone on here who have been putting off seeing or just calling someone dear.

I know how much you loved your mom and I know you still mourn her. My condelences goes out to you once again for all you have endured during her illness. She also had a wonderful son and daugher-in-law by her side. She was so lucky to have you both there for her.

I know she is with you and really enjoying that grandaugher of hers.

My heart to yours, Nick


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