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News On Dave G


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Thank you Ry. And to everybody, thank you. THe news is good. The CT Brain Scan showed no abnormalities (my wife didn't agree :lol: ). The MRI also showed no abnormalitites (again, my wife didn't agree :lol: )

The good news is, it was a sinus infection that got into my inner ear. The study drug was not responsible for all this, other than I may have a low resistance, which they did say my white count was low.

I am home and resting. I did want to take the time To tell eveybody I'm OK.

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I haven't been on for a few days due to holiday commitments, so I missed the original post and logged on in time to access the GREAT, FANTASTIC news that you are home and doing well. Praying that the positive messages regarding LC continue.

Cute picture!

Prayers continue.

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Been off line for few days.. Just saw your post Ry. Thanks for the news. Now I read that Dave is home. Thank goodness.

Dave, Glad to hear that you are doing alright. Sorry for the late post. Prayers to you for continued improvement. Glad your feeling better and home resting...

God Bless


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Dave G, am so happy everything came out good. Going to the hospital is like having scans done. It is so very frightening. Going through this lc we all forget that there are other illnesses in life that can be happening to us but naturally our first thoughts are scary.

Darling dog pic.

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Hey Dave, I'm with Judy B on the fact you'll do anything to get attention. NOW do WE LOOK like we ALL fell of the HAY WAGON YESTERDAY??? I mean, comeon here, NEWS YEARS DAY you end up in the hospital with HEADACHES & HEAD problems????? Are you sure it wasn't from a little to much happy cheers or Miller time hooplah, or Cocktail tingles?????? Or is it the old case of BAD TIMING is ALL? I remember having those HEADACHES my self after News Years EVE!!! OY VEY!!!

SURE AM GLAD TO HEAR YOUR HOME AND A-OKAY!! :roll::roll::wink::wink::lol::lol:

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