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I had the fluid drawn off my right lung today and I am here to tell you I wish I had this done MONTHS ago!!! After the initial pain (minimal) wore off I feel WONDERFUL! I can take a deep breath, walk down the hallway in my house with out getting winded and carry a laundry basket without help!!

They pulled almost 2 litres off my lung and my Pul. Dr. said it "looked good". We won't know for a few days if there are any cancer cells in the fluid but at this point I feel so good I don't care!!

I go on for an xray on Monday morning to see if the fluid has started to build back up but he is hoping that this will be a 1 time thing from the tumor and radiation.

Thank you ALL for your prayers and good wishes! Love ya!

God Bless,


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This is just wonderful news.

Now, what do you charge per load of laundry? I always have said that I would love to find a pair of underpants in my drawer (before I am in a an old age home) that I didn't wash, dry, fold and put back in my drawer.

I hope your results are just a good.


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Ohhh, Shoog,

Leave the laundry, go for a walk with that grandson! Hit the park, to HELL with the housework, I say! I don't plan a wake in my home when I die, so ask me if I care if it's clean?? (Well, okay, so I DO care, but sometimes, it feels so deliciously "bad" to say 'screw it' and go out and have fun!)

BUY MORE UNDERWEAR so you don't have to do laundry so often! :wink: THEN, when you DO do the laundry, you can SEE what a big job it is! (I once went almost a month when I had to use a laundromat and was running real low in funds...had some really "cool" outfits! LOL)

OFF TO THE MALL, woman! You have some shoes to buy!! 8)

Glad you're feeling better! (How much did you charge 'em for those two liters of southern sugar??) Hope there's no critters floating in there and that it IS a one time thing!

So, like, if we meet in Chicago, can we go to the 'Oprah' show??? PUH-LEEZ?? I won't ask for 'Springer' if we can get tickets to Oprah....

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Wonderful news! Here's hoping for more wonderful news on Monday. Your grandson is a cutie! I'm a grandma of 3 little girls (ages 5, 2 and a brand new one of 2 months - the youngest is my daughter's and the others are my son's). Looking at their pictures makes me smile! And when I'm with them - well, I couldn't be happier.


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