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My shower was great!


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Thanks for all the messages. I really took to heart what was said to me and I realized how important it was for me to be happy today for my mom. Mission accomplished!

My mom said this was her best day since diagnosis, she truly felt good, she was standing a lot (I kept telling her to sit) and it just was soooo nice, almost normal feeling.

My mom LOOKS physically healthy. She is glowing, chubby, has beautiful short blonde hair. Yes, 50% of her hair is gone, but most people would not realize it b/c her hair is still fuller than many others in general and she got a short haircut. As a matter of fact, I was asked if it was a wig.

Well I think we instilled fear in people because they looked at my mom and said "no, she cannot have lung cancer". I said "oh yes, advanced late stage as a matter of fact, Stage III and she just finished her fourth round of chemo on Thurs." I think it really scared people to see how healthy she looked, yet is so sick.

You know this just came to my head--it could be an interesting campaign for awareness. Pictures of how good people look at diagnosis and in beginning treatment and how dramatically it could change. It is like we walk around the mall, see healthy people, now I wonder who has lung cancer :)

Thanks again for the support!

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So happy Andrea

that you and your Mom had a very good day.

Happiness does wonder to a sick person, your mother

wanted so much to see that day and she will also

celebrate the wedding that is coming up with the

same good spirit and happy smiles.

Good Luck


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I am so happy to hear that you and mom had a great time today. You both deserve a break. I, myself don't dwell on this disease and act as if I don't even have it. Of course we can all look good and still be somewhat sick. Your mom looks absolutely beautiful. That means we are beating this disease and have a positive attitude. I like the comment your mom said to you about living to get the new treatments. She is absolutely right and we are Survivors... Hang in there and congratulations on your marriage. Our Lord, Jesus is watching over us and hears our prayers. Prayers for you and your mom everyday...

God Bless and hugs to you both...


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Hi Andrea,

SO happy to hear that both you and your mom were able to enjoy your bridal shower! I was thinking of you all day Saturday as we sat at the bridal shower of a close friend. I kept pushing people away from my mom, hope you were not as paranoid as I was! :D My mom tells me I am WAY too overprotective.

Only a couple of weeks to the big day! Many prayers being said that your mom continues to feel ok!


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Andrea, I am so glad that you and your mother were able to enjoy your shower, it is all about creating memories, and it sounds like you both created some beautiful ones! With more to come.

Oh, don't be surprised or upset of your mom is more tired than usual, excitement can take its toll, but it sure is a GOOD TOLL. Just don't let it frighten you, OR let it keep you and your mom from having more fun!!!

Take care, deb

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One of the things we have found is that friends and family are almost reluctant to share good news with us because of what we are going through. Within a few months of hearing Becky's diagnosis, we found out three of my cousins were pregnant. We want to rejoice in our friends' joy. Those are the reasons we drag ourselves to treatment. Those are the things that remind us that there are many more good things than bad things in our lives. In fact, I can only think of one bad thing in our lives. It is pretty bad, to be sure, but if we can no longer rejoice, then what would the point be? So party on!


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