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Road Marching To Texas

Tom Galli

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Forum Members,

With all this isolation time on our hands, let’s play a little “Name That Landmark” game. Here are the rules:

Use the Google Map program to find Rockwall Texas (my hometown). Then, post the name of your hometown in a response. I’ll give a clue to a significant  place or thing (Landmark) that is within 50 miles of a highway that connects your hometown to mine. Guess the landmark. Everyone can play. If no one comes close to the landmark, I’ll give another hint.

We can have multiple hometown connections in play at any given time. Roll on down to Texas....


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OK  This one might need more research.  Great History and Geography lessons!

Anybody else out there, feel free to jump in.  Kinda fun!  😊

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10 hours ago, Tom Galli said:


You are correct!  Ok, this one is a little harder.  The town where Bonnie and Clyde hid away for nearly a year?

I might need another hint on this one.  As far as I can tell, the pair moved around quite often. 😉

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12 minutes ago, Tom Galli said:

For Steff: "On your journey, you will pass a ranch famous for growing automobiles."

Tom- Is it the Cadillac Ranch in Amarillo, Texas?

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Born and raised in Fresno California and have lung scars (Valley Fever) to prove it. Escaped from there long since and now consider Portland Oregon my hometown. So pick either one.

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18 hours ago, Tom Galli said:

Where Evel Knievel tried his daring deed?


Snake River. Or do you need more detail?

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